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 I'm happy to announce that seven iPhone images
from my COVID Signs series are included in the
Tom Thomson Art Gallery show.

Facing It - "The exhibition will bring together
contemporary artists and works from our
collection to evoke themes of social
isolation, the power of kinship, and the ways
in which art literally faces the unknown. The
exhibition will meditate on people and our
inextricable and profound
interconnectedness which is across time,
cultures, and demographics. In the
narratives of individual and community, it
will illuminate the darker potency of
solitudes and our deepest desire to find a
reflection of ourselves somewhere
in each other."

 The show runs to-Feb.19th 2022

 Salt of the Earth:People of Bruce & Grey Counties photography exhibit is at The Gallery at L.E. Shores public library in Thornbury until January 27, 2022.
“A decent, dependable, unpretentious person”, this phrase describes the people of Bruce and Grey Counties of Ontario, with whom I had the honour and privilege to spend time with and photograph over the last 40 years. The photographs document a way of life that has vanished or is disappearing from this place we call home. Please drop by and spend some time getting to know  these people.The library is still open at the moment.

Below is a short YouTube tour of Salt of the Earth when is was at the Bruce County Museum and Cultural Centre.



To read an article about Salt of the Earth click on this link.

Rrampt culture/travel/art magazine is running a monthly series I photograph and write called Artists In Their Studio.

Click  on to take you to the series, along with other stories I've written for Rrampt.

Since COVID-19  I have been sending out monthly a photo and story called PhotoBreak. Below is an example of the posting. If you wish to be added to the e-mail list please send me your e-mail address via my Contact page.


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